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Angel [userpic]

November 18th, 2005 (10:29 pm)
The Musicage: GOF Soundtrack

just got back from seeing GOF for the SECOND time. Absolutely brilliant. Mike Newell is a genius director. absolutely genius. you notice a lot more second time around.

My sorta review/rant about the greatness that was GOF

Wow. I absolutely loved it second time around. I was with Peter and Mark, two of my friends from school. We decided before the movie started that PETER will now be referred to as PARKER (Peter Parker, get it?) because PETER makes us all think backstabbing bastard.

Start of the movie, with the Ron under the covers, so shamexy. Ruz is going to kill me for that statement, i know it. SORRY RUZIE! Then when they get to the hill, and Cedric jumps out of that tree. That's the luckiest damn tree on the planet. I want to climb that tree and be where Robert Pattinson's ass was. Go fangirls! At the Quidditch World Cup, we discover how great dancers and singers the twins are. Genius in my eyes. I'm waiting for their record to come out soon xD And I think, beginning of the movie, Ron DID love Krum. I don't really like how they portrayed the Dark Mark being cast, but they had to cut house elves, so I'm not complaining much on that topic. They changed the order of like everything that goes on, but they had to change over 730 pages to a script, so I can't blame them too much.

When Beauxbatons arrived, and Ron was staring at their asses, I couldn't HELP but crack up(wow, that was put in a bad order, but crack... wow.). When they started talking about the tournament, I was very happy to see tons of twins. Phelps pwned that movie bitches. And their 'wicked' said in unison made me want to jump at the movie screen. honest to god. In the DADA class though, when Neville saw the Cruciatus, I swear I was about to cry. Then the beards, and their wrestling, I think I drooled all over the place. So smexy.

At the feast, when they called the names, Seamus wolf whistles (he has a habit of wolf whistling in the damn movies...), i noticed he got pimped out rings. Seamus got the BLING! Then the fight in the bedroom between Harry and Ron, wasn't what I expected. But after Harry gets in bed and Ron murmurs 'Piss Off' quite loudly, I laughed like an insane woman. Ron's got a potty mouth.

Krum's accent = HOT HOT HOT. All I have to say about him at the moment. The Potter Stinks badges were a bit of a stretch, and everyone was being an ass to Harry. DAMN YOU PEOPLE! YOUR JUST JEALOUS BECAUSE HE MADE MORE MONEY THAN YOUR EXTRA ASSES! ok, end bitch yell there. The ferret scene was SPECTACULAR. I loved it. Peter and Mark were cracking up, and I dragged them to the movie xD. the first task, i found awesomely done. nuff said about that. up in the common room after, with the egg and the threesome of Harry/Fred/George and the touching, beautiful. Seamus kissed the egg, gotta love dem irish boys.

The Yule Ball was spectacularly decorated. I loved Hermione's entrance, but I'm still a 'WTF ITS A BLUE DRESS YOU BITCHES' person. oh well. can't change it. I could tell Parvati was there for the glory. i could just TELL. and they put PADMA in Gryffindor. WHAT KIND OF DAMN THING DID YOU WRITERS DO!?! SHES A RAVENCLAW! TOO SMART TO BE GRYFFINDOR! DUH! -end rant- and the fight between Ron and Hermione exiting the Yule Ball, you could see the tension. She was just bawling to him, and he was as clueless as ever. as Hermione put it 'you ruin everything'. bloody git.

The Bath Scene. I saw Harry's ass and chest. I can die happy. I was one of the few people in the theatre who did a sort of wolf whistle. Can ya blame me? And Myrtle being the ghostly michael jackson chick, sorta stalkerish and freakie. damn you ghost chick!

The second task was amazing how they just pieced it together. I was disappointed when he got to the hostages though, because they were supposed to be bound together, Cho's head on Hermione's shoulder. damn you people! when harry got back up, everyone was wrapping him in towels. one big towel orgy. i saw seamus there, covering him in towels. makes me think of harry/seamus fics. wow. i'm sick. then harry, hagrid, hermione, and ron walking through the forest back to the school. talking about when they first met and what not. then the school song...

let's see....what happened before the third task? there was Harry going to Dumbledore because of Crouch, but crouch wasn't even mentioned, they were already TALKING about him. weird, eh? The Pensieve scene, i noticed that Karkaroff has worse dental hygiene than me. and THATS sad.

The third task, that maze was frickin HUGE. If we set 1000 of us in there, i'd come in last place trying to direct my ass through there. When Krum was bewitched and his eyes were all glazed over, that scared me shitless. and Fleur being dragged into the maze was downright scary. But when Harry saved Cedric from that plant, i was like 'awww!!!' and they took the cup together. we all know what happens now.

-dramatic music to landing in graveyard- DUN DUN DUN! When Harry keeled over in pain and Cedric stood beside him, I was so sad! Then there was the line 'kill the spare'. that's where i started crying... AGAIN! yes, i cried at the damn movie SECOND TIME AROUND. then the bone from the father, wormtail just slicing off his hand and digging a knife into Harry's flesh...the whole graveyard scene made me cry, ESPECIALLY when Harry's parents came out, and you heard them talk to him! it was SAD, OK!?

when Harry brought the body back, I just lost it. Peter, who was sitting next to me, had to ask if i was all right. damn me and my crying. then moody's office was just plain freaky, the whole transformation and everything like that.

when we got to the speech about Cedric's death, I lost it...again. I saw Oliver Phelps (oops, GEORGE) crying, and Fred looking on the verge of tears. If they were to just cry and hug each other, THAT would make the damn movie AWESOME. that scene, i just cried. poor me. then the end, with all the goodbyes, and the trio talking, i started to stop crying, still was a little when the credits rolled.

-end movie-

we stand up, go to leave. peter and mark noticed me crying. DAMNIT. but, them being the nice dorks, promised they wouldn't say anything. yay. even though i dragged them along, they liked the movie. yay me and dragging them to the movie!

so all in all, awesome movie. don't like how they cut out the line 'fucking son of a bitch voldemort', which apparently gave the PG13 RATING in the first place, but Piss Off and Don't give a Damn were ok... i also don't like how they cut MRS WEASLEY out, because we needed that motherly hug, and the SIRIUS lack wasn't good either, but they MUST be in the next movie, or I swear I'm going on a hunt for Cuaron. don't ask why i'm hunting Cuaron... i just am.

awesome movie. thats it.

And now, the wonderfulness of Hot Topic allowed me to get all this HP GOF stuff (some i have to wait til christmas for):

Harry Postcard
Trio Postcard
Untruthful Pin
Harry Pin
Death Eater Pin
Ron Keychain
Ron and Harry Keychain
Hottie Pin Set (NO TWINS) GROAR
Death Eater Cuff
Difficult Times Shirt
Cast Shirt
Gryffindor Hoodie

that's it... for now -evil cackle-


Posted by: The Self-Proclaimed Headmaster (ducky_black)
Posted at: November 19th, 2005 04:02 am (UTC)


Posted by: Angel (jupiter_candy)
Posted at: November 19th, 2005 04:15 am (UTC)

-ishugged- wewt!

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